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Bittersweet Haven

Black Catbat Plushie - Heart Wink

Black Catbat Plushie - Heart Wink

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These little critters are a hybrid of cats and bats, and love being snuggled! They have little wings, a cat tail, pink ears, and little pink paw pads on their feet. Their faces are handpainted, so other faces can be requested as well. :3 They also have a flat wire in their tails so they can hang upside down like a little bat. ♡

Catbats sit approx. 9" tall.

This listing is for one Catbat, please choose which face you want from the options.

Extra info about this plush✧˖°
When I first started making these I made them entirely by hand on my sewing machine, and they were made from fleece. After doing a lot of conventions and seeing how much people liked the design, I decided to look into a manufacturer so I could have bigger quantities and hopefully have them made better than what I could do myself. I'm good at sewing, but I'm not that great at pattern making. ^^; So after being recommended to look into Plush Me, I began working with them on a prototype for my catbat design. We went through a lot of prototypes and I was terribly anxious about the quality, but the end product was definitely worth it! The fabric is MUCH nicer than the fleece I used, and the pattern is more detailed and durable. I have them manufactured with blank faces, so I can handpaint all different expressions and eye colors. ^-^ As anxious as I was, I'm so happy that I went through with the process!

Thank you for stopping by! =^-^=

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