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Epoxy Charm - Characters & more

Epoxy Charm - Characters & more

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Original art by Bittersweet Haven made into a cute acrylic charm! These charms have a double sided image and double sided acrylic, meaning that the art layer is encased between two layers of acrylic to keep it safe from damage. Each charm has a thin layer of film over the acrylic to protect it from scratches on it's way to you! When you get it, you can remove the film for a shiny and crystal clear surface! This charm has an epoxy layer on the front side, giving it a super shiny surface with a curved edge. The way light reflects on it reminds me of a water droplet. <3 The back is flat acrylic with a protective film. Both acrylic and epoxy are crystal clear and shiny! Charms are in the range of 2.5".

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