Bad news/Good news

So I have a bit of bad news for my booth at Tsubasacon this weekend. Sadly, I won't have any catbat plushies available. T.T For the past month I've been dealing with pain in my wrist that's been gradually getting worse. Today I finally saw a specialist about it and found out that it was tendinitis. I got an injection in my wrist that SHOULD fix it, but it'll take around a week to really knock out the issue. The pain and limited motion has been really disruptive to my work, but I'm happy to finally have it taken care of! Although, because of the pain it's been difficult to prep for cons, and painting was a no-go. I managed to paint one catbat for Bitchcraft Faire last Sunday, and I almost couldn't even finish that one in time. I'm hopeful about the injection though, so I should be able to paint them again soon! ^-^ In the meantime, I do have ratbat plushies, catfish plushie preorders, coloring books, and stickers & charms galore! lol Luckily my mom will be there to help me with setup and lifting things while my wrist recovers.
On a more exciting note, I should have some very interesting news regarding the catbats once the calikoi plushies are complete. ^-^
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