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Bittersweet Haven

Acrylic Charm - Forest Jackalope

Acrylic Charm - Forest Jackalope

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NEW VERSION: I previously had these charms made with an epoxy coating over both sides for a curved edge, however there were so many that had dents and scratches that I've decided to go back to acrylic only. These are perfectly flat on both sides, and don't have the risk of being dented.

Original art by Bittersweet Haven made into a cute acrylic charm! These charms have a double sided image and double sided acrylic, meaning that the art layer is encased between two layers of acrylic to keep it safe from damage. Each charm has a thin layer of film over the acrylic to protect it from scratches on it's way to you! When you get it, you can remove the film for a shiny and crystal clear surface!

Charms are in the range of 2.5".

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