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Pastel Witch House art print

Pastel Witch House art print

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This art was really experimental for me, but I decided to get a few prints of it anyway in case anyone wants it. I've been wanting to get better at drawing scenery and little scenarios, so this was my first attempt at it. It was fun designing the room and learning how to draw more objects. ♡ I'm not sure if I'll be restocking this particular print, but I'd like to do another version of it when I get better at drawing scenery.

NOTE: The watermark (the large faint logo overtop the image) is only on the digital image and will NOT be on the print itself. I've started watermarking my images online to (hopefully) prevent art theft, or at the very least discourage it.

Original art by Bittersweet Haven printed on 8.5x11 coated cardstock.

Keep in mind that colors may be slightly off due to monitor display.

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