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Bittersweet Haven

Small Ratbat Plushie

Small Ratbat Plushie

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Now you can have your very own little Ratbat! It's wings and tail are poseable and it has a soft weight at the bottom to help it sit up. It's very soft and snuggly!

This plushie is a small size, about 4.5" tall, lifesize to a small rat.


NOTE: It's come to my attention that my design here has been replicated by bootleg companies. This IS MY design. It's based on my own artwork that I based on my first rat, Daiyu. I have a suspicion as to how the pattern for my plush ended up being ripped off, but sadly there isn't a lot I can do to stop it. I just wanted to make a note here specifying, because my listing has been flagged for reselling, probably assuming it to be one of the bootlegs.

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