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Bittersweet Haven

Sticker Storage Book

Sticker Storage Book

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The perfect solution to keep your stickers safe and organized! This book is filled with release paper sheets, which is the same type of paper that's used as the backing on stickers. The sheets are double sided release, so stickers can be placed on both sides of each sheet, for maximum storage space! There's also three pages of transparent folder sleeves in the front and back for storing sticker sheets. Each one has a sleeve on each side of the page, giving 12 sticker sheet sleeves!

Release paper is resistant to adhesive, meaning that stickers can be easily removed at any time from the pages to use elsewhere. This book is a perfect temporary home for stickers until you find the perfect place to put them!

The cover is PU leather with a snap closure, and custom printed with original art by Bittersweet Haven! <3

Release page count: 30 (60 including the back side of pages)
Transparent sleeve count: 6 (12 including the back side of pages)
Page size: 5x7"
Book size" 5x7.5"

Pages are held to the cover by two metal rivets on the spine. This is the most secure way to hold this many release paper sheets, due to their resistance to adhesives.

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